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Krishi Hot & Cold CPVC pipes are produced in accordance with ASTM D-2846 in  in SDR 11 & 13.5. Our Pipes have received BIS Approval  for CPVC IS 15778 for both Class 1 (SDR 11) & Class 2 (SDR 13.5)  and the no is CM/L 4752572.

Class 1 (SDR-11) pipes are rated at a continuous working pressure of 400 psi at 23°C and 100 psi at 82°C. SDR-13.5 pipes are rated at a continuous working pressure of 320 psi at 23°C and 80 psi at 82°C. Margin of safety is provided, should unusual short-term conditions be encountered above these levels.

Various tests conducted both by our in-house testing lab and other recognised Test Labs are:
  • Dimensional Tests: To ensure that all dimensions confirm to appropriate standards.
  • Flattening Test: Sample Pipe are compressed to check that despite compression Pipe do not crack.
  • Burst Pressure test: Ensures maximum internal pressure to be over three times normal pressure rating for the pipe.
  • Heat Reversion Test: Ensures residual stresses left in pipe after the pipe is produced.
" Krishi Hot & Cold " CPVC Pipe doesn"t break down even under harshest of water conditions so there is none of the purity worries from corroded metal Pipe or soldered joints. " Krishi Hot & Cold " CPVC Pipe keeps pure water pure.

Even after years of use in the most aggressive service conditions, " Krishi Hot & Cold " CPVC piping won"t corrode, standing up to low pH water, coastal salt air exposure and corrosive soils." Krishi Hot & Cold " stays as solid and reliable as the day it was installed. It maintains full water carrying capacity because of no scale build up, which causes water pressure loss.

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